Elden Ring

An Info Section Page

The Info Section Page

This is the same format page as the Lore page, a minimal information layout with a focus on giving some game content information while, in that nature of Elden Ring and other FromSoft games, being as vague to nonexplanatory about the content or delving into spoilers. Like the rest of the website, this page remains focused on a stronger visual aesthetic to hold a design focused on the style of the game.

Mobile Format

This page, like the rest of the website, features a responsive design that adjusts itself to different screen sizes as opposed to fixed units such as px or %. Further, when adjusted even further down into a more mobile size, while the same design and format is kept, the text is adjusted for better readability and the images are both repositioned for better flow with some completely removed so as to remove visual clutter.


This site only uses Optimus Princeps font, the serif type font that has been used throughout the Dark Souls series. The only font colors used are white (#FFFFFF) and a dull gold (#A68D60). The white standard text has black outlines to help it stand out agaisnt any picture backgrounds behind it (white font with a black outline is readable against anything).

Image Design

The images have been reused on this page to limit time spent editing photos and getting screenshots whereas on an official website a new set of images likely would've been used, such as ones showing various features like different weapons or the Spectral Horse, Torrent.