Elden Ring

An Info Section Page

The Info Section Page

Instead of trying to word out actual lore and info about the game, I'll use this page to explain the design more. This page is in itself a template than can be duplicated for other pages of the website with each of the sections also their own individual templates that can be added and rearranged for however many might be needed. A page like this is good for having multiple tidbits of information rather than individual pages for each topic like a wiki.

This Page Format

It is broken into multiple "sections". The Sections have two types, the left and right type. That just determines which side these texts sections will be automatically aligned to. The pictures are automatically tagged to be on the left or right sides as well and can be shifted from there individually.


This site only uses Optimus Princeps font, the serif type font that has been used throughout the Dark Souls series. The only font colors used are white (#FFFFFF) and a dull gold (#A68D60). The white standard text has black outlines to help it stand out agaisnt any picture backgrounds behind it (white font with a black outline is readable against anything).

Page Layouts

While this example site has 4 pages on it, there is 3 different layout types. The home page which sports a similar sectioned layout as the info-section styled page for adding and removing sections but without the same header and top nav, this info-section styled page, and the FAQ page that is the simplest in format jsut to detail FAQs and developer information.